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Caboto Beach Club boasts an enviable beach of over 3,600 square meters of usable surface. The vastness of Caboto’s beach guarantees the privacy of the guests of the 38 beach tents and 18 beach umbrellas. The big distance between the tents and umbrellas is one-of-a-kind throughout Versilia!

  • Beach Tent: each tent offers the guests of Caboto Beach Club 8 square meters of shade with two deck chairs, a "director" chair, a sun lounger, a sunbed as well as a comfortable locker for storing personal items. 
  • Beach Umbrella: the umbrellas have a diameter of 2.10 meter, larger than those commonly used, and offers 2 deckchairs, 1 sunbed and a small storage locker. All furniture, with the exception of the sunbed, is made of wood.

Pets are not allowed to the beach

Covid-19 emergency. Caboto Beach Club is compliance with all the hygiene and health safety regulations imposed by the "Coronavirus" emergency.